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Green Solutions

Realizing that our customers are not only concerned with rising energy costs, but also minimizing environmental impacts our "Green Solutions" offer significant energy savings for heating, air conditioning , as well as hot water supplies to our customers.

The following systems are considered the most efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for home and/or business internal comfort.

  • Geothermal  - As the area's leader in geothermal installations, which utilize the earth's heat rather than outside air, we can offer significant energy savings for your heating and air conditioning, as well as hot water needs.
  • Radiant (In-floor) Heat - Radiant  floor heat transfer: delivers heat from the hot surface to objects in the room. This highly efficient method of heating is particularly advantageous to people with severe allergies, as there is no air being forced through ducts. Combined with the compact and efficient Munchkin Boiler, this system provides our clients with an extremely healthy, comfortable, and cost effective solution to their heating needs.
  • Hybrid - Dual Fuel System - The first-class Carrier Hybrid delivers exceptional performance by automatically demanding heat from the most economical source depending on the outside temperature. Because this system also provides cool air, you will realize substantial savings year round on your heating and cooling energy bills.
  • Air Conditioning - Our quality installations coupled with the higher S.E.E.R.  (seasonal energy efficiency rating) air conditioners can save you as much as 14% on your energy bills and prevent pollution and global warming, while improving the comfort in your home.
  • Air Quality - Clean air filtration provides you with a healthy and comfortable indoor environment no matter what the seasons bring.
  • Humidity Control - Residential - During the cold winter months a humidifier can provide the necessary moisture that some heating systems remove from the air,  affording you a more comfortable internal environment. The summer months tend to bring the opposite need to remove moisture from the air, by utilizing air conditioning and/or dehumidifiers you will have a healthier envirnment, thus eliminating the possibility of mold and mildews
  • Hot Water Supplies - Tankless water heaters provide hot water only as it is needed avoiding heat and energy loss associated with storage waters.  


To find out more about our "Green Solutions" for your HVAC needs, please complete our Need an Estimate Form!